Our History


Every great flavor has a great recipe behind


The best quality since 1869


It is not an easy task to produce a beer that appeals to everyone. Many years of experience back up the three partners that got together with enthusiasm to make this dream come true.
This is how the Coprove Beers appeared. Exported to the farthest corners of the world, those beers have been considered the most authentic and tastier of the Spanish Beer in several Asian Countries. The wide experience of its creators added to the expertise of our excellent beer craftsmen, have made of Coprove beer “The Beer”


It couldn´t be otherwise.
Our beers are delicious and internationally renowned.
They are especially successful in the Chinese market, where our beers are highly praised. Our secret: The 100% original recipe and the careful selection of the hops and other ingredients used to produce Coprove beers. This is why you can enjoy and combine Coprove beers with any dish and in any situation.


The genious of getting an international flavor.

We owe the worldwide expansion of our beers to the hard and thorough work of our team.

The success of Coprove Beers is their taste.

This is why our range of beers surpass the most demanding tastings: when paired with food, our beers maintain a perfect balance of flavors, adapting themselves very well to the demands of every palate. Coprove beers have the perfect balance between taste, texture and aroma. They also work well with contrasting flavors which highlight the soul of our beers.